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“I cannot tell you how crucial of a recruiting tool this is.  A large percentage of coaches/programs do not have an assistant coach to do a lot of this work for them, so for a coach like myself the time is very limited. Therefore tools like a website with all the contact info and details about their game is vital.” Coach Ben Belfield Northwood University Men's & Women's Head Golf Coach
“Overall we had a great experience.  Tim does a wonderful job. We have had positive feedback through the recruiting process about the presentation from all the coaches we sent it to.  This was a real asset and helped my son get his scholarship.  This Stuff Works!” Randy Bench, Father
“I had the opportunity for Tim to put together a presentation for my daughter.  We were able to show an out of state coach her abilities which led to her soccer scholarship in Ohio.  We highly recommend Watch My MVP and would tell everybody to start early in the process.” Wade Hagan, Coach/Father
Wade Hagan - Coach/Father
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“Watch my MVP did an outstanding job of putting together a soccer highlight video  for our son. It was well put together and had excellent video quality.   We sent the video to 12 schools and had 7 schools respond with interest just from the video. Ultimately, the school Blake picked as his first choice was from this initial video we sent!  Thanks for helping us fulfill his dreams to play soccer in college at a nationally ranked program!“ Sheryl Troiani, Mother